Retreat days 

Angela holds retreat Yoga day's in Cowplain at regular times through out the year the last one was in Feb 2017, next will be in May 2017 whole days of yoga including food .A day of yoga with Pechal’s Petals!

A day beginning with meditation at 6.45am and finnishing off with some shared food and fun with music, to end around 20.00hrs. All you need to bring a towel for the Sauna plus any props that you usually use in your Yoga practice , I can supply some mats , bolsters , blocks , stools and some blankets . Tea , coffee and cake will be served during the day , 

New classes held in Southsea

Angela is now offering a new class in Southsea  Southsea. The class will be very exclusive, only 4 students per class £15.00 per class, held on Fridays from 18.00--19.30.

Winter Term starts week beginning 9th Jan 2017 Please get in touch if you want to change your life .

Meditation is one of the eight limbs of yoga  it has been around for thousands of years, its benefits have been improving people’s lives for centuries both spiritually and physically . More recently we have heard that theses benefits have now been proven with research, N.B. BELOW ARE LINKS TO RECENT ARTICLES.

 Meditation actually changes the brain’s physical makeup, helping to relive our levels of anxiety and depression, improve our attention, concentration, and overall psychological well being.

The aims of these meditation classes are for you to release stress during and after the classes but also to enable you to practice meditation on your own, change your brain permanently and therefore change your life

Bibliography : Yoga and Health Magazine, May 1988, Vol 13 No 1