Stilling the mind

Angela is very excited to offer a new way of holidaying whilst healing and replenishing your Prana(life force) with an enriching experience of Turkey in 2020 . Gift yourself this wonderful 8 DAY yoga holiday

BTY- YOGA Holidays 2020 dates to be published soon.

Turkey , a unique mix of Yoga and adventure with-out stress. BTY- YOGA Holidays 2020.

Our beautiful hotel  , Rosa Appart Hotel,  has been especially designed to offer yoga holidays , a rooftop terrace supplies a Vista of the surrounding environment, including beautiful mountains . You will receive bed and breakfast/brunch every day, you can choose from a shared room or a single occupation room. All have, Air con, en-suite shower and WIFI.

Eight days set aside for a seven-day yoga holiday, we are giving us the opportunity to experience seven full days in Koycegiz, Turkey, on the Mediterranean coast. Our Venue is a Town on the coast of a huge lake, across which, lies the sea and turtle nesting beach. The back drop to The Harbour are the mountains where we can find waterfalls and lakes.


Included in your package are therapies With Mary Smith

Mary smith my” Angel” friend is offering treatments from Reiki healing to Aromatherapy each student gets 2 treatments (included in your package).


For details of availability and application form, contact Angela on 07740463314Type your paragraph here.

Satvik Yoga(

(Hatha) following the 8 limbs, by Angela of, Pechal’s Petals Yoga. Check out her website for more details.
A 2 hour Yoga class is taught in the morning on the roof top with 1 day off.Yoga mats supplied.

SATVIK, (wholesome, organic, feeding the whole body) homemade food supplies fresh Prana prepared and served by a lady host (Gule) who is filled with loving kindness and her husband, Hassan

Your package
Transfers from Airport 
8 days accommodation bed and breakfast/ brunch
6 days of 2-hour yoga classes.
2 Therapies.

  Twin room: shared by 2-person, air-con, private SHOWER, balcony and “living area” including fridge                                           
£550.00 (per person)

 Double room: Single occupancy room rate air-con, private SHOWER, balcony and “living area” including fridge.                                                                                              £695.00 (with balcony).